How to play Facebook Messenger’s new super addictive (and hidden!) soccer game


Remember that basketball mini game easter egg that got tucked into Facebook Messenger back in March?

There’s a new one hidden in there now. This time around, it’s soccer. It’s basically a digital version of Keepie Uppie, otherwise known as “trying to keep a soccer ball up in the air until you get tired or roll your ankle or it’s time for orange slices”

The secret to getting to the game is super similar to the way you get to the basketball game — it’s all about emoji.

How to play it:

  • Go make sure Facebook Messenger is updated.
  • Open up a chat with a friend, or group of friends.
  • Send the soccer emoji
  • Tap the soccer emoji you just sent.

Bam! Soccer mini game enabled. Like with the Basketball game, it’ll keep track of the highscore amongst everyone in the chat thread.

My high score is currently 18, or roughly 17 more than I could do in real life.

(If it’s not working for you, see step #1. You’ve got to update Messenger before it’ll work.)


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